# Payment Docs

# Introduction

The purpose of this site is to detail the design principles, objects, behaviours and error handling for the Mobile Payment API. The overriding goal of the API is to enable all parties to implement Huawei Mobile Payment APIs in a flexible, yet consistent manner. We hope to achieve this by the implementing the following principles:

  • Use of REST architectural principles.

  • Providing a set of well-defined objects that are abstracted from the underlying object representations held in the various mobile money systems. This allows an API client to construct an API message without requiring specific knowledge of the target server implementation.

  • Creation of a standard set of transaction types and other key enumerations, removing the need for developers to map for each and every API implementation. The Open API is a JSON REST API that is used by 3rd party systems to access services in the payment platform. The Open API exposes services that are used by e.g. online merchants or distributors for managing payments. This document gives an overview of the structure of the API.

Last Updated: 9/24/2020, 5:13:43 PM